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Residential Carpet Styles Simplified

The statistics show the most popular residential carpets in Canada are among Berber carpet, Saxony carpet and Cut loop carpet.  With the Berber carpet topped the number one position for consumers choice, exceeds the demand of traditional style - plush carpet.

And the Frieze carpet is still in big demand in the warm climate regions like California and Florida.

The number one Color choice for residential carpets remains beige color.



Berber carpets - loop piles of varying heights or same heights used to form carpet patterns.

Berber carpets

Saxony (plush) carpets - dense, thick level cut pile carpets. Very traditional but softest carpet surface.

Saxony plush carpets

Cut loop carpet - high cut pile and lower loop tufts combined for casual, sculptured look carpet.

cut loop carpets

Pattern cut pile carpets - sophisticated patterns and designs formed by mixing cut and loop pile of equal height carpets.

Pattern carpet

Textured carpet – twisted tufts in cut pile carpet help mask footprints.

Textured Carpet

Frieze carpet – highly twisted tufts stand up particularly well to traffic. The pile height is shorter than shag carpets.

Frieze carpets

CARPET UNDER PAD (carpet cushion) 

A good carpet underlay (upgraded underpad) is always recommend for residential carpets.  Carpet underpads are to provide a good foundation for your carpet, increasing its comfort and extending its life. Underpad absorbs the impact of foot traffic, adds insulation and reduces noise



  1. Carpet insulates best. It offers warmth in cold weather stays cool in the heat of summer and provides a cozy environment all year round.


  1. Carpet prevents slips and falls and provides a soft landing for inevitable tumbles. Carpet on stairs provides additional safety from potential misshapes.



  1. the most important factor for home decorating is that carpets provide versatility with colors, styles. It is a wonderful foundation for your feet comfort and personal décor.


  1. Carpet warmth and colors affect mood.  Bright, cheerful colors are good choices for children and soothing tones are relaxing for the adults in the family.



  1. Residential Carpet makes the floor a place to sit, play and relax. Nothing feels nicer on bare feet than to walk across soft, cushioned carpet or stretch out across it to relieve your spine.


  1. Residential Carpet absorbs sound within a room and acts as a sound barrier between floors, buffering daily household noises. This is one reason why condominium require no application when change your floor into carpet, especially in cities like Toronto and Vancouver where higher floor acoustic requirements for condos and apartments.



  1. Residential Carpet is an economical flooring choice for any budget. It offers the best value in flooring for warmth, safety and comfort.  Carpet is the easiest, fastest and least intrusive flooring to change (removes the old and lay down the new floor. Imagining remove the old hardwood floor by yourself?  - hard job to do)

Carpet Home provides residential carpet, commercial carpets and professional carpets installation service in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thorn hill, Scarborough, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, New Market and its surrounding area in Ontario, Canada.

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Got spills on your carpets? don't worry, most of the residential carpet and commercial carpet today have built in stain protection, check out our Carpet and Rugs Care and Cleaning to know how to deal with them. 



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