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Information about Oriental rugs and carpets motifs

Understanding the meaning of motifs for oriental area rugs and carpets you already have at your home or you are about to purchase.

Many oriental rugs and carpets are decorated with one to three motifs repeated across the field and border, these area rug motifs are originated from a certain county or region, and usually links to a spiritual world, or are of divine inspiration.


The cross symbol and its variants

The cross is the universal symbol in traditional area rugs, stands close relation to the centre, often together with stars to represent the infinite cosmos.

rugs cross symblearea rug symbles cross



The tree of life

 Whatever the tree species, the mythological sacred tree linking earth and heaven, present and after. Appears most in the prayer rugs and Persian rugs. 

tree of life in oriental rugs

The rosette

 Also known as the gul by Persian rug weavers, the most used symbol in oriental area rugs. Shaped in polygonal and hexagonal, embellished by a small rosette with leaves at corners.

persian rugs rosette 1orental rugs rosetraditional rug designs motif




The  Bukhara Rugs - Tekkes

Ancient carpet of the Tekke tribes are known as origin of Bukhara rugs, today they are re-located in Afghanistan and still making Afganistan rugs for a living.

bukhara rugs motifs 1bukhara rugs motifs 2



The dragon

Used to denote wisdom, power and happiness.appear in many Chinese area rugs and Tibetan rugs.


area rugs design dragon 1

The Greek Key

Mostly used in European style oriental rugs, Savonnerie rugs, including Chinese rugs and Peking designs.

 The motif of Clover Leaf, usually used for area rugs inner border.


greek key 1greek key 2

The beauty of symmetry

The basic of oriental rug structure is its double symmetry, or mirror image.For a area rug designer or weaver, only one quarter of the carpet has to be drawn in order for its entire design to be produced.

A. border 

B. field

C. medallion

D. quarter- circle


symmetry in area rugs



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