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Decorating with Area Rugs


The right area rugs can really make a difference to your home, bringing warmth, character and visual appeal to your rooms.

If you have too many patterns, colors in rugs and furniture, your rooms may look choppy. But using two area rugs with similar design and colors in the same room is perfectly okay.


Colors – Choose rugs with colors that match your decorating scheme in your kitchen, bath, living room, and dining room, if you have upholstery or wallpaper with an ornate pattern, then choose a similar pattern for the area rug

Whether you are in a modern condo apartment or you want to use area rug to give a real splash of color to your living space, or you are re-creating a classic oriental or European look and need a fine Persian silk rug to set off your designs. You will need to be aware of this when it comes to buying area rug.

Traditional oriental rugs are usually heavily patterned so you need to make sure that the rug will fit in with your room decors.

Contemporary rugs, Tibetan rugs are more casual style for a modern life or country living.

Remember that lighter color rugs, like beige or ivory rugs, will make the room seem more spacious and darker colors in the rug will bring a cozy atmosphere to the room.

In high traffic areas, selecting an area rug with a detailed pattern may be more practical.


Same as purchasing anything else, the important thing for buying a rug is that you have to like it first, then considering the rest -- designs, colors and size.

Remember to use a rubber non slip rug underlay together with your area rugs on hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile floors to extend the life of the rug and prevent accidents.


area rugs color

Nice color combination - Area rug in open area

living room area rug

Perfect size - Area rugs in family room

rugs for dinning room table

Area rugs under dinning table


Choose the right rugs for your room


Most of area rugs are used as an accent piece for a room. These rugs are available in a few different materials including synthetic fibres such as polypropylene rugs and those made from natural fibres - wool rugs, silk rugs and cotton rugs. In the category of natural fibre rugs, wool area rugs are more popular and affordable. These rugs have been made and used for thousands of years. The most familiar wool rugs are Persian rugs. You can purchase these highly decorative pieces as hand crafted items made by the Eastern people. The hand made Tibetan wool rugs with geometric designs are becoming very popular in the recent decades for contemporary living.


While shopping a Rug can be fun, it is also confusing because there’s more meets the eye given the numerous types of rugs to choose from. To start with, two of the most important features of area rugs are fibre material and pile thickness. Rugs made with synthetic fibres are available in a wider choice of colors and textures and are generally more hard-wearing and durable than natural fibre rugs. Natural fibre options may be more expensive but have a more luxurious look and feel about them, and are usually not recommended for areas that people walking on with their shoes. For these areas you might want to consider polypropylene rugs. However, cheap contemporary wool area rugs can also be found. 


When looking through the various rug designs, you will see the classic styles rugs as well as contemporary modern area rugs. The contemporary designs usually use bold geometric patterns in them or have varied textures, which create the image for the piece. The textured rugs are often referred to as sculpted pieces and will have a medium pile used in combination with a very short pile to create the sculpted looks. These rugs usually are made of solid color, because the design is created using the different fibre lengths. In terms of shape, you can choose from rectangular, square, oval and round area rugs .


The care of wool carpet and rugs will require the use of Rug cleaning solutions that will not cause the colors to change and bleed. Hair shampoo and household dishwashing detergent are safe to use. Wool rugs usually have a canvas backing and are available in different sizes to fit the area you want to use them in. You will find the sizes ranging from the small throw rugs to the room size rugs. There are also runners available that are made with a small width (27 or 31 inches) so they can be used in hallways and stair runners.

The wool rugs  also provide warmth to rooms. Wool is a natural insulating substance so when these rugs are placed on hard floor surfaces they actually make the floor warmer to walk on. A 5x8 to 8x10 sized rug is the perfect choice to use on a wood floor in living or family room. 


You might think that wool rugs are expensive to buy, but there are discount wool area rugs available on our web site. This is a great chance to get a room enhancing rug with natural wool without paying a fortune. If you have more cash to spare, consider a Hand-knotted wool rug or Designers Rug


For more informations about designs and motifs of Oriental Traditional Area Rugs →  see  Oriental Rugs and Carpets Motifs




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